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“Real-time acoustic guitar solos, filled with so much springy counterpoint that sometimes it's hard to believe he's playing alone.”

 -New York Times


"Breathtaking electric and acoustic guitar virtuosity"
-Guitar Player Magazine


"A jaw-dropping virtuoso"


"In a city of monster guitar players, Joe Robinson is a dragon slayer."
-Nashville Scene


Photo:  Audrey Hall


Joe Robinson is a world-renown guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter from Australia.  


A uniquely skilled musician, Robinson is widely regarded as one of the world’s top fingerstyle soloists.  He is also an accomplished electric improviser, composer and songwriter.  Joe’s signature musical touch and ability to seamlessly blend these elements allows him to create a sound that is truly one-of-a-kind and defies classification within any particular genre.


Joe has released seven successful studio albums and built a large following through his livestream concerts and videos.  He has garnered praise from some of the biggest names in the industry and has been featured in prestigious publications like the Washington Post and New York Times.  


In addition to his skills as a performer, Robinson is also highly regarded as an educator, having led workshops at leading US music schools including Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute.


Joe was born in May 1991 in Kempsey, a rural town in New South Wales, Australia.  He grew up in a farmhouse with his three siblings, where his parents raised cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, chickens, and even snakes.  At just 13 years old, Joe won the Australian National Songwriting competition, and at 17, he took home the top prize on Australia’s Got Talent.  By the time he turned 18, Joe had already performed over 1000 concerts, including earning first place at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles.  Following this impressive string of successes, he bid his family farewell and moved to Nashville, where he spent the next decade collaborating with some of the city’s best studio musicians, songwriters and producers.


Joe currently lives on a property outside Yellowstone National Park in Montana, USA with his wife Genevieve, an accomplished illustrator from Quebec City, Canada and their son.  He spends his time practicing, writing songs, recording, coaching 20,000+ online guitar students and tours his one-man show, where he showcases his impressive musical talents to live audiences.


“Joe is, of course, renowned for being a virtuoso guitarist.  But after several listens to his latest offering (Borders), i’m of the opinion that as a singer and songwriter, he also belongs in a league with such mega-selling artists as Charlie Puth and Harry Styles.  But don’t just take my word for it, get a copy of the album and see for yourself.”

 -Grammy® Award Winner Rodney Crowell 


“It would be fair to say that guitar phenomenon, Joe Robinson, has little left to prove.  Yet, he keeps moving the bar musically and artistically in virtually any direction his hybrid talent and sonic-soul leads him.  …Robinson doesn’t just dabble, he succumbs and embraces each style, demonstrating grace and fluidity in each he undertakes.  I have to wonder if categories apply to his body of recorded fretwork.”


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