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Fender Vibroking


Fender vibroking

I got this amp in early 2016 and have been using it a lot.  A beautiful, singing tone.



shaw full tilt 30

Kevin Shaw built me this amp in 2014 and i've used it extensively on the road.  Speakers are WGS, it's 30watts, class A and has a huge, fat sound.   




I currently have one of these in Nashville, and one in Australia.. the compact 60 is great also... but this one is a little smaller and it has such a great, punchy sound.  Hands down my favorite acoustic guitar amp.  And has been for years..




I did a promo video for this pedal and it's great!  The best looper for me, I've used the bigger ones but prefer to use this along with a bypass looper (by nose) to take it out of the chain when not in use and a footswitch.  




Bought this pedal after hearing Robben Ford's live rig.  A really great pedal for electric guitar.  I prefer the Strymon for Acoustic but this is a killer pedal.  The mini version is cool also. 



Sparkle drive

During my one man band show.. i need a full bottom end sound on my electric guitars.  Most TS-808 style pedals seem to cut off the bottom end.. but with this pedal you can add a parallel clean signal, which really helps fatten it up.   



J ROCKett Archer Ikon

An awesome boost/overdrive pedal for electric guitar!  I pretty much leave it on all the time..



Eventide TimeFactor

I've used this delay pedal for years.  I use the H-9 software to edit presets, i also use the looper in my live show.  Amazing sound and its easy to store presets.



BluE sky

A pretty incredible sounding reverb.  I use this on my acoustic board.  Stellar.



Pedal train metro 20

I have two of these boards and thats it.  I don't use my bigger pedalboards anymore.  These are the perfect size for me. 



cIoks dc-5

A great power supply that can be attached to the bottom of the above pedal train board.



dunlop medium thumbpick

You might have a different size thumb to me.. but this is what i have always used.  Sometimes you have to try 20 to find a good few. 




My favorite pick for electric guitar..


Vic Firth drum pad

I highly recommend buying this along with a pair of sticks and studying rudiments.  Doing this has really improved my timing/dynamics/co-ordination!



I only use this on electric guitars, my acoustics don't seem to need it.  Basically you apply this lubricant to the nut of your guitar, and bridge if you want.. and it really helps the strings stay in tune.  For my Strat it is a must.  Great stuff.  I know guys like Bonnamass use it too..